Martinez Brickyard 4 and 8-mile Run

Sunday, April 14th, 2024!

Register for 2024 Brickyard Run races HERE:

We hope you’re able to join us!

Come be a part of the Martinez Brickyard Race, a tradition in Martinez and Contra Costa County running for the past 53 years! Spread the word to keep this tradition alive! Walkers and Runners are welcome to join! Tell all your friends and training partners to join the fun with you! Our generous sponsor, HOKA has provided us with cool raffle prizes for all race finishers!  

This race is a community fundraiser to benefit the Alhambra High School Cross Country/Track and Field teams and the City of Martinez Recreation Department. Without support from our community, it will be difficult to keep this local tradition going with the rising costs of permits and expenses. More entries allow us to keep our race entry fee at a much more affordable rate compared to other races in the area where it costs $100+ to race. If we don't get close to 100 race entries this year, this might be the last year of the Brickyard Race. 

Check-In & Race Day Registration - starts at 7:00 AM.  4 and 8 

mile race starts at 8:30 AM.

Race Entry: 4-mile and 8-mile race is $40.00 (pre-reg).

 Entry includes a t-shirt & the awards ceremony. Raffle prizes following the race are available for all finishers! Final mail-in registration must be postmarked by April 10th. Final online registration will close at 11:30 PM on April 12th. After this date, registration will be available on race day $45 (Cash/Check/Venmo only on race day). 

Late Congratulations to our 

Frosh/Soph Boys Sprint Medley Team

@ Martinez Relays-

Anthony Klapperich, Christian Cortez, Om Walse, Max 

Sabino - 1:48.04 = NEW FSB SCHOOL RECORD!!!!!!!

Q&A with 
2015 graduate and school 

record holder RALEIGH ADAMS - Read 


Raleigh Adams is a 2019 graduate of Long Beach State University, where he currently serves as Assistant Hurdles Coach. He graduated Alhambra High School in 2015, and broke two longstanding hurdle school records his senior season (14.33 110mH & 37.99 300mH). In his journey to the CIF State championships in 2015, he finished sixth in the 110m hurdles final, making the prestigious CIF medallists podium.

1. Thanks so much for taking time for this Q&A! 2011 was the year you started academically and athletically at Alhambra, but even before that you had previously made up your mind to compete in hurdles. What were the reasons behind choosing track and field, and specifically why hurdles, an event known for requiring timing, precision, and agility?

Response: Thank you so much for allowing me to share my experiences! I started to run track in the 4th  grade, and I started as a sprinter/long jumper. It was not until later that I started to hurdle. My father coached track and field at Mt. Diablo High School and had a hurdler at the time that could not do a drill correctly. I told him that it was not that hard to do, as every little kid might when they think they can do anything. He made a bet with me that I could not do it and ever since that day, I ran hurdles. 

2. By your junior year of 2014 you started seeing competitive success. That year, you advanced to the NCS Meet of Champions in the 110 hurdles and earned an NCS medal, while ascending the Alhambra record books. But it was 2015 that turned out to be the pinnacle of your high school career, when you demolished both the Alhambra 110 meter hurdles and 300 meter hurdles school records, qualified for the CIF State championships, and made a rare Bulldog appearance on the California State podium (the only other two Bulldogs to achieve this feat: AHS mile record holder Morgan Groth in 1961, and 880 yard man Robert Joost in 1938). What was the inspiration and work ethic that brought along the rise of Raleigh on the high school athletics scene? Can you recall a favorite moment or highlight(s) before you moved for college?

Response: I can recall conversations with my older brother about playing college football when we were little and that was all I wanted to do. When I realized football wasn’t going to be the best path for me, I put all my efforts into making it to college with another sport. I have two favorite moments from my 2015 high school season. The first was running faster than my dad did at a meet early in the season. I don’t think I let him hear the end of it. The second was bringing him the state medal after my final high school race. 

3. You were recruited via scholarship by Long Beach State coaches LaTanya Sheffield and Andy Sythe, according to the Long Beach Post. How and when did you decide on LBSU, a collegiate Division 1 athletics program? 

Response: My recruitment for Long Beach didn’t go in the typical way that most are recruited. The first time I was contacted by Coach Sheffield and Coach Sythe was at the state track meet in 2015. Most people have an idea where they want to go in December, but my options were wide open. I ended up having a long talk with Coach Sheffield and she had offered me a partial scholarship to come to Long Beach. I discussed it originally with my family and we ended up thinking it was the best decision for me and the rest was history.

4. At Long Beach, your road to success was not immediate. At times throughout your collegiate years you dealt with various injuries and other athletic setbacks, but despite the odds you worked your way back to have your best ever season in 2019. At the Big Western Conference your 13.83 110mH result was the fastest LBSU mark in 20+ years. Then you qualified through the rounds at NCAA prelims and semifinals, astonishingly breaking a 47-year-old school record with a time of 13.59 (previous record 13.72 by Milt Turner in 1972), which in turn qualified you for the 2019 NCAA National Finals. How were you able to turn the tides and deliver such a remarkable, unexpected postseason?

Response: I honestly don’t have an answer to how I was able to change my athletic journey. I didn’t even ask my family to come watch the Big West Conference meet in 2019 because I thought that it was my last track meet of my career. I would just give the advice to always bet on yourself and believe in the work that you have put in.

5. While you had planned on 2019 being your last season, at the time you were a redshirt junior in eligibility, meaning you had one extra season available. Unfortunately for many, Covid restrictions ended up entirely cancelling 2020 athletics. Incredibly, your 110m hurdle PR of 13.59 was only 0.11 of a second from the USATF Olympic trials qualifying standard of 13.48, which ended up taking place in 2021 instead of 2020. Were you at the time preparing on a potential qualification for a shot at the Olympic Trials stage?

Response: Going into the NCAA Championships in 2019, the plan was to finish top 5. From there, we were planning to go to the USA Championships to make the team for the U23 championships. Unfortunately, I broke my shoulder at the national championships, and that put a halt to all those plans. The United States has the best hurdle group in the world so making an Olympic push was most likely not in the cards for me. We explored running professionally, however I decided that I didn’t want to continue my athletic career.

6. Academically, you graduated with a B.A. in Communication Studies in 2019, and two years later earned a Masters degree in Sports Management. What made you decide on these degrees? 

Response: I really didn’t know what I wanted to study for college. I had taken a few communication courses and it seemed like something that fit my busy schedule and could enjoy learning about.  I needed to continue to go to school if I wanted to compete after the 2019 season. It is an advantage to complete your graduate degree in the coaching realm so after talking with my coaches at the school, we decided that would be the best course of action. 

7. You’re now in your third year as LBSU Assistant Coach for sprints, hurdles and relays. Having gained experience in both competition and coaching, what insights have you learned with this valuable experience? What are your coaching goals for the 2024 season and the future?

Response: Coaching has given me a whole unique experience in the world of track and field. I have learned so much about the science of track and field in the past three years.  The sport is so much more complicated than it may seem on the surface, and I am enjoying the journey that it has led me on. My goals for coaching are to have as many athletes qualify for the NCAA championships as possible and make a national team.

8. Long Beach also has the privilege of having LaTanya Sheffield (1988 Olympic 400m hurdler and former American Record holder) as head LBSU coach. What is it like working alongside such an accomplished professional hurdler with this depth of experience?

Response: I could not have asked for a better person to partner with for my athletic career. Now that I stopped running, I do not think that there is a person on this planet that has helped guide and teach me more about track and field than Coach Sheffield. I have learned about how professional track and field has worked and how to navigate the coaching path as well. 

9. Overall, what are your favorite experiences from your years at LBSU?

Response: I was truly fortunate to go to a program that knows how to win and expects it. Winning anything with a group of friends makes it so much fun. I also have met some of the most amazing people. I have friends who live all over the world now and are doing some of the best things.

10. As a former Alhambra hurdler, do you have any words of wisdom for the next generation of Bulldog hurdlers and track athletes?

Response: You have to work hard. There are no shortcuts in this sport. Outwork and outlast others.

Lightning Round Questions:

Favorite hurdle race (60m, 110m, 400m)? - 60 meters. It’s the fastest race you can run.

Favorite track spike/shoe brand? - Whatever shoe helps you run the fastest.

Favorite meet? - NCAA Championships

Favorite class/school study? - Auto shop at Alhambra was my favorite class.

Favorite athlete? - Ken Griffey Jr

Favorite musician/band? T - Pain

Favorite food? - Steak

Favorite ice cream flavor? - Cookies and Cream

Favorite movie/TV show? - Step Brothers

2023 XC Record Book
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