Congratulations to the Super 7

medalists (top 3 finishers):

Holden Burcell- FSB Discus 2nd place, 88-07

Phoebe Tang- VG Discus 1st place, 97-03

Super 7 Results!

"Someone may beat me, but

they're gonna have to bleed to

do it."


2017 Track PR List!

2017 Track PR List.xlsx 2017 Track PR List.xlsx
Size : 10.327 Kb
Type : xlsx
2016 Track PR List.xlsx 2016 Track PR List.xlsx
Size : 11.473 Kb
Type : xlsx
Track PR List 2015.xlsx Track PR List 2015.xlsx
Size : 12.539 Kb
Type : xlsx

Cross Country Times

XC Times 2016.xlsx XC Times 2016.xlsx
Size : 14.266 Kb
Type : xlsx
PR List XC 2015.xlsx PR List XC 2015.xlsx
Size : 13.133 Kb
Type : xlsx
PR List XC 2014.xlsx PR List XC 2014.xlsx
Size : 12.292 Kb
Type : xlsx
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