"Run with a clear mind and a full heart."

- Tim Bruder

NEW 8/17 - Interview with AHS head Coach Angela Paradise! Read below:

1.Describe your own experiences in track and field / cross country during high school and college. What were your favorite events or races?

When I was a sophomore in high school we moved to the mountains. Since I had not made friends yet I ran around the mountains to explore my new home. My mom actually made me go out for cross country since she saw in the local paper that practice was starting and she wanted me to meet people before school began. Even though I thought I was not a runner I went out for cross country. I was not the fastest runner by any stretch of the imagination but I made some great friends in cross country. Actually, life long friends. These friends all went out for tract so I went out for track also. I actually went out for track to run the 880 yard dash ( yes, I am that old!) After practice I was waiting for my friend who was a In those times girls did not run the 300m hurdles just the 110 yard hurdles..I “raced” her at the end of her practice and the coach decided I was a hurdler.  After that I was hooked on hurdling!!  I ran hurdles after that and continued to run at Cal State Hayward (now Cal State East Bay)Through high school I still enjoyed cross country because of the close bond I felt with my team. Our home course was tough but fun we did live in the mountains after all…

2. How and when did you get your start into coaching these sports? How many years have you been coaching? 

I started coaching in 1984 for a couple of years at my old high school (San Lorenzo Valley in Felton CA)..I didn’t coach again until 2002 when I coached hurdles at DVC. In 2002 I met Alhambra coach Tim Bruder who asked me to come coach Hurdles at Alhambra - the rest as they say is history. I have been coaching at Alhambra (Cross Country) since 2003 and Track 2003- 2016 at Alhambra. I took a season off and when I returned the team was not available so 2017-2022 I coached track(Sprints/Hurdles/Relays) at Campolindo HS. This summer I accepted the position to return as Head Coach to Alhambra Track and Field- It’s good to be coming home!

3. You were previously assistant coach to former longtime Alhambra head coach and auto shop teacher Tim Bruder. What lessons/insights/knowledge did you gain from working with him?

I think the biggest lesson I learned from Tim Bruder was to create a sense of family. To foster life long friendships and to instill a love for this sport!! I still miss him. He was a great mentor. Because of him I want to get runners ready for college coaches. To prepare them as best I can to have success outside of high school. I hope to create a love of this crazy wonderful sport.!!

4. Besides Coach Bruder, do you have any other coaching mentors?

Coach Bob McGuire was my college coach and also a friend of Tim Bruder. He was fantastic at mentoring as well as coaching. He came and coached with me when Bruder became ill and mentored me along the way. Other coaches that have helped in my growth as a coach are Kevin Searls who is now my assistant coach but could easily handle everything on his own as he has a long history of successful coaching. Added bonus he’s a great friend. The same could be said for Coach Peter Brewer. Also, Ed Miller who has helped me not only in my coaching role but has coached me in my USATF Masters journey. Joy Upshaw who ran with me at Cal State Hayward and is an awesome coach as well as a coach for USATF National teams. Chuck Woolridge whom I have had the honor of coaching along side. It’s been a great journey and almost every coach I have met have helped in my growth one way or another.

5. You have competed at the Masters level in various hurdle races. How did you get involved with the sport at that level? 

So, my good friend Joy Upshaw (ran with her at Cal State Hayward) would run into me at various high school meets (as we were both coaching at competing high schools.) She kept telling me I should run Masters. I always had an excuse. One day I met up with her to work out and she talked me into going over a few hurdles. I remembered how much I loved them and started working out.  She convinced me I could compete again. I’ve been training ever since.

6. During the summer last year you were also able to volunteer on the infield at Hayward Stadium in Eugene, Oregon for the 2021 USA Olympic Trials. Describe your experience there. 

That experience was incredible. I loved being able to watch the athletes workout. It was amazing. I even got to chat briefly with a few of the athlete’s. Since we were not supposed to approach the athletes it was great when they took time and initiated a chat with me. I then took a couple of days to be a spectator. It was amazing to see everything up close. 

7. More recently, you and a small group of Alhambra cross country runners attended the July 2022 Humboldt distance running camp - any highlights from this trip? 

Humboldt Distance Running Camp is an experience I wish for all of our runners. We used to do a team bonding camp up to Tahoe with just Alhambra runners. It really was a great team bonding experience. Humboldt added to that feeling, but with other runners from different backgrounds. The camp brings in different speakers and experiences. So not only do our runners bond as a team they meet runners from different schools. They truly become students of our sport in a great atmosphere. The area around Humboldt is fantastic for 2 a day runs. The runners get to experience staying in the dorms and love the soft serve ice cream available in the cafeteria. The runners enjoyed meeting Coach Searls’s old girlfriend Shirley. At the end of camp Tyler Allan and Renae Searls took the title for the Steeplechase exhibition  and the Alhambra team consisting of Tyler Allan, Ian Knutson, Renae Searls and Paolo Morales became this years champions of the Donut Relay!! Go Dogs! I am hoping more Bulldogs will attend camp in future years. It really is an amazing experience.

8. Are there any Alhambra team traditions or favorite meets you look forward to each season?

Unfortunately, the district has demolished the track shack…which means at this time there are no OtterPops! Hopefully, that tradition will start back up again soon! Of course, the Halloween Run is still in the works- but you know the first rule of Halloween Run is we don’t talk about Halloween Run. And Dead Cow Loops (or Dead Horse loops depending on which year you were on XC)As our team has changed a bit we will probably work on creating new traditions while still honoring the past traditions.

9. What are your proudest overall achievements as a coach (so far)?

The proudest moments I have are when I see an athlete succeed after putting in the work. Regardless of their place in the race when an athlete sets out to accomplish something and then everything falls into place. It’s amazing to know I had a part of it. To see the quiet shy athlete become part of our pack and not just an “outsider” and feel they have a place to belong. Or to see an athlete struggle and take it in stride, get up and continue to work and know I had a part in instilling in them the desire to go on. Also, to run in to athletes years later and see they still remember things we worked on or lessons they learned during their short time on our team warms my heart!

10. Anything else you would like to add:

Yes- I would like everyone to know how valuable Joel Timbrell has been! How he took our website and records and  created a well organized and informative place for information on Alhambra Cross County and Track and Field. He has done an AWESOME job. We are fortunate to have him and he better include this in the interview responses!!! Thanks Joel!!!-Coach!!

Cross country Practice begins @ 4:00 every day, EXCEPT Wednesdays @ 2:30 PM! 


Humboldt camp photos & summary by Coach Kevin Searls: 

Humboldt was a success. Alhambra had a great time, sharing the camp experience with 90 other high school athletes.  6 Alhambra athletes attended this year: Renae, Tyler, Paolo, Ian, and Jack as well as Alhambra graduate Nolin. 

Their mornings consisted of a strength and skill work on the track and evening seminars by coaches and 1500m silver Olympic medalist from London 2012, Leo Manzano. Campers got to run twice a day and go out to places such as the bird sanctuary, quite similar to the Marina, Clam Beach where they crossed a river before running 2 miles along the beach, covered themself with mud or war paint at Sue Meg State Park, and completed their week with a long run in the Redwood forest where they saw some of the tallest trees in the world. 

On the last day of camp Friday, athletes ran a steep chase expedition mile with Tyler winning the boys race and Renae winning the girls race as well as Alhambra High School being the donut relay champions in the 4 x 4.